Jun Kitazawa

Jun Kitazawa is an artist and founder of Jun Kitazawa office Yakumo LLC working in collaboration with the local government, education facilities, medical institutions, companies, local communities, and NPOs to develop art projects related to people’s daily life in Japan and rest of the world. Among all the projects presented by Jun Kitazawa, “creating another daily life” is the core concept. Living room, Home, School, Town, Hotel, Museum… are the spaces where daily routines play out and where Jun Kitazawa proposes new perspectives, applying art projects to trigger the creative community in society. By using the factors from the local area and building up a relationship with the local community Jun Kitazawa creates long-term "community-specific" art projects that records the shifting values. Important projects includes LIVING ROOM, which collects exchangeable second hand furniture and organizing different events in this public “living room”, My Town Market, which builds up the township in temporary housing, and SUN SELF HOTEL, which applies solar energy to empty houses in the community to create a self-made “hotel”.

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